Inkd Publishing LLC presently focuses on anthologies. We publish stories in a wide variety of genres and welcome a diverse group of authors. Check out submissions page to see what open call we have open. If you’d like to support then see if we have any Kickstarters open.

Hidden Villains, edited by Robyn Huss, is our showcase series which we launched on March 17th, 2022. It reached #70 on Amazon for Science Fiction Anthologies and #74 for Fantasy Anthologies.

Hidden Villains: Arise is available with Jody Lynn Nye’s lead story .

Hidden Villains: Betrayed is our newest HV anthology with a lead story by Kevin J. Anderson.

Noncorporeal, and Noncorporeal II, our spooky series, are available now through Smashwords.

Behind the Shadows is our horror series edited by Sara Jordan-Heintz.

Detectives, Sleuths, and Nosy Neighbors will be our mystery anthology.

This year we are again sponsoring the amazing, diverse, inclusive, and nerdy Multiverse convention.