L. A. Selby

L. A. Selby, suspense writer, finds inspiration in gray skies and the kind of forests that swallow your shadows. After more than twenty years as a trauma therapist, she writes stories that expose the truth hiding in duty, loyalty, and passion. She divides real life between coasts, and enjoys travel to abandoned and haunted lands. The first city she ever loved was Venice. Ten years ago, she fell in love with Rome.

Her newest passion is Transylvania—all of it. If you ask her about gods, goddesses, and archetypes, she will talk a very long time.

Dark Fantasy. Supernatural Suspense. Horror.  www.LASelby.com


  • “Only One of Many”, 2023, BEHIND THE SHADOWS, Inkd Publishing
  • “The Headless Herd”, 2023 THEY HUNT BY NIGHT, Camden Park Press
  • “Care Taker”, 2020, CAT LADIES OF THE APOCALYSE, Camden Park Press


  • “A Ruinous Rent”, 2024, A BIT OF LUCK, WordFire Press
  • “Change of the Guard”, 2024, A VAMPIRE SURVIVAL GUIDE, (Monstrous Guidebook 1), WonderBird Press
  • “Last Gasp of War”, 2024, DREAMING THE GOD, Dark Dragons Publishing