Rosemary Williams

A second-generation sci-fi/fantasy fan, Rosemary Williams has been on a quest for ultimate nerdity her entire life. After devouring countless genre books, movies, and TV shows, she has finally achieved the very unplanned goal of transforming her mind into an Author Brain. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a costumer, crafter,  convention staffer, and 17th Shard podcaster. Rumor has it she may also be a My Little Pony in a human suit. She resides in Olathe, KS, with her husband, 1.5 dachshunds, and half a chihuahua.




Twitter: @RustingUnicorn


“Urban Planning” — Become Legend JordanCon Anthology. Edited by Richard Fife. JordanCon, 2021.

“The Ghost of House Grey” — Hidden Villains Anthology. Edited by Robyn Huss. Inkd Publishing, 2022. Buy on Amazon:

“Out of the Loop” — Neither Beginnings Nor Endings JordanCon Anthology. Edited by Richard Fife. JordanCon, 2022. Buy on Amazon:

“Upward Mobility” — Hidden Villains: Arise Anthology. Edited by Robyn Huss. Inked Publishing, 2023. TBR

“From Whom the Bridge Trolls — The Leaf Does No Harm JordanCon Anthology. Edited by Richard Fife. Jordancon, 2023. TBR