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The innermost secrets of heroes and heroines. The dark mysteries that hide our disquiet nature. Will the true danger be them…or us?

This exciting collection of bold, imaginative fantasy and sci-fi will thrill and entertain readers with stories by authors who dare to tempt you with the bizarre or delve into the shadows.

Short stories by: David Farland ּ Tim Lewis ּ Sara Jordan-Heintz ּ Vail Henry ּ ּMark Beard ּ ּSherry Rossma ּ ּA.R.R. Ash ּ ּL.S. King ּ ּMichele Stuart ּ ּStephen Johnson ּ ּAJ Skelly ּ ּClint Hall ּ ּRosemary Williams ּ ּKatharine Reid ּ ּTracy L. Snyder ּ ּ Kevin A. Davis ּ ּ Melva Gifford ּ ּ Mike Jack Stoumbos