L.S. King

L.S. has worked as a submissions editor and a copy editor on several magazines, authored a column for new writers, and was a founding editor of the online magazine, Ray Gun Revival, now on hiatus. She currently hosts a fiction writing support group online as well as a teen authors group at the Kent County Public Library.

She has books published in two series: Deuces Wild and The Sword’s Edge Chronicles as well as short stories in various magazines and anthologies. The fact that several of the publications which have released her stories are now defunct has nothing to do with her. Honest.




Deuces Wild:

Deuces Wild: Beginners’ Luck     https://books2read.com/DWBegLuck

Deuces Wild: Stacking the Deck  https://books2read.com/DWStackDeck

Deuces Wild: Raising the Stakes  https://books2read.com/DWRaisingStakes

“The Grift” published in Digital Dragon Magazine, April 2010

     a stand-alone short story in the Deuces Wild universe

“The Last Hurrah” published in The Sword Review, June 2005

     a prequel to the Deuces Wild series

Sword’s Edge Chronicles:

Unlikely Prophet         https://books2read.com/unlikely-prophet

     A prequel to the Sword’s Edge Chronicles

Sword’s Edge        https://books2read.com/swords-edge

Children of the Enaisi             https://books2read.com/ChildrenOfTheEnaisi

Laws and Prophecies     https://books2read.com/Laws-Prophecies


     an e-book compiling these three previously published short stories:

“Alternate Path” published in Deep Magic, July 2005

“Bitter Storm” published in Deep Magic, January 2004

“Petition” published in Residential Aliens, November 2010

“The Mad Man of Briars Lodge Road” published in Hidden Villains Anthology, March 2, 2022

“Justice” published in The Sword Review, November 2006

“Drops of Mercy” published in Dragons, Knights, and Angels, October 2005