Inkd Pub is excited to announce a call for submissions to a spooky anthology: Noncorporeal.

Submission Period: November 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023

Theme: Noncorporeal – This is not horror, though there may be suspense and even a dash of horror. A spooky, haunting element is certainly expected. Humor and mystery beats are welcome.
Noncorporeal – Not composed of matter; having no material existence. At least one paranormal entity must fit this criteria.
Express yourself as the theme moves you.

There is no restriction as to how you incorporate the theme into your story as long as the genre falls within Speculative Fiction, including Sci-Fi or Fantasy. We encourage you to weave the theme into an engaging story with well-developed characters and deep emotion.
Stories that contain infanticide, rape, or gratuitous gore will not be accepted.

Submission Period: November 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023

Submissions: 1 per author; no simultaneous submissions;

Submission Cost: Free

Word Limit: 2,000 to 7,000 words

Submission Guidelines: Blind submission with no author name in document; 12 pt Times or Arial; .Doc or .Docx; double-space; first line indent; no tabs used.

Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Anticipated Pay: Royalty share

Each story will receive a share, as will the publisher, after the Kickstarter.
Kickstarter’s stretch goals will include a share of Kickstarter profit as well.
The Kickstarter is intended to defray the initial cost of production such as editing and covers.

Timeline Projections:
Submissions close: 1/31/23
Review: February 2023
Acceptance / Rejection: March 2023
Edits: April-May 2023
Production: June 2023
Published: June-July 2023

Upon acceptance, the author is expected to work with the editor on at least one round of revisions in MSWord. Our publication goal will be the summer of 2023; however, the extensive time needed to review and edit submissions may vary depending upon the submitted works and author’s response times. Inkd Publishing LLC will hold first publication rights for four months after publication and the continuing non-exclusive right to reproduce the work in Noncorporeal.

Authors must provide assurance that their story submission is an original, previously unpublished work, is not currently under consideration elsewhere, and that it will not be submitted for publication elsewhere prior to receiving notification that it has not been accepted for inclusion in Noncorporeal.

Authors can expect ongoing financial compensation from Draft 2 Digital for stories published in the anthology. An account with Draft 2 Digital will be required to provide royalty share payments. US authors will also receive one complimentary copy of the printed anthology, other shipping destinations will depend on shipping costs.

Submit to Noncorporeal Anthology Here

Behind the Shadows

Edited by Sara Jordan-Heintz

A horror anthology opening for your terrifying submissions on January 1st, 2023. We are looking for thrillers, horror, and suspense. Stories that contain infanticide, rape, or gratuitous gore will not be accepted.

Hidden Villains: Arise. We are presently editing accepted stories and hope to have this project completed and published in spring 2023. Submissions are closed.

Theme: Hidden Villains Arise – Bold, imaginative fantasy, horror, and sci-fi sculpted to thrill and entertain readers with the bizarre or delve into the shadows.
Arise – appear, emerge, come to light, surface, befall, ensue, stand up, transpire, etc.

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Hidden Villains
Published in 2022
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